Local Authors Pen Tales, Share Wisdom

This holiday season, give the gift of words—whether to yourself or others. From motivational advice to engaging tales, these books are captivating.

lead. share. empower. My Strategies for Success in Life and Business
by Lea Woodford
Designed to help people overcome their self-limiting beliefs, author Lea Woodford shares her strategies for dealing with cancer, divorce, financial and business setbacks in order to create the life she wanted.
$15.95, available at LeaWoodford.com or Amazon.com


No Reserve
by Letitia Frye
Letitia Frye, America’s foremost Auctiontainer, provides strategies for shattering the ceiling you’ve built on your dreams by taking risks on yourself and your passions. It gives you the tools needed to overcome any perceived limitations and start taking immediate action to build an authentic life.
To be released in 2020; currently available for pre-order at LetitiaFrye.com or @Letitia_Frye on Instagram


Liars All 
by L. D. Zingg
The first of a four-book series, this novel tells the story of a Phoenix officer who becomes a reluctant polygraph examiner and propels you into the mind-bending realm of lie detection and the gritty world of interrogation.
$15.95 at Amazon.com or available for order at any bookstore


C is for Conquer
by Bobbi Lynn Sudberry
C is for Conquer is a soul-searching and humorous look at cancer that provides comfort to those who are dealing with cancer either directly or indirectly.
$16.95 at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, IndieBound.org


The Velvet Handcuffs—Breaking Free From Corporate America
by Bob Wallace, MBA
This book delivers essential and useful tools to break out of what can feel like a hopeless cycle of dependence on our employers. It is never too late to break out of the Velvet Handcuffs. 
$8.95 at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and TheVelvetHandcuffsBook.com


The Angel Inside
by Chris Widener
Prolific author Chris Widener’s book, The Angel Inside, is a story of a lost young American businessman who spends the day in Florence, Italy, with an older Italian man who teaches him life lessons from the life of Michelangelo.
$9.88 at Amazon.com


Inner Circle: Focus & Fulfillment Habits of The Enlightened
by Mycal Anders, MS, CSCS
Mycal Anders interviews some of the most influential leaders in the world on his podcast, The 20 Percenters (20PercentersCircle.com). In this book, he chronicles the recurring themes of happiness, success and fulfillment that shows up in those conversations.”
$14.99 at Amazon.com


Winning Not Whining
by Roger Badenhuizen
More than a self-help book, oftentimes we go through life complaining and worrying and yes, we think we are right to do so. This book runs through practical ways and steps we can take to win the daily challenges of life. Endorsed by Kevin Harrington, inventor of the informercial and original investor on Shark Tank.
$14.99 on Amazon.com


Mascara Boy—Bullied, Assaulted & Near Death: Surviving Trauma & Addiction
by Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee is a two-time Emmy winning journalist for his reporting on the opioid crisis. The irony is that he was also a drug addict. It wasn’t until the age of 37 when Brandon was reporting on a story about sexual assault in the #MeToo era when he finally got the courage to break his silence about being a sex victim and how that trauma led him down a dark path of sex and drug addiction. Brandon’s mission is to give other addicts hope that they can build a new life they never thought possible.
$16.99 at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, iTunes