Jessica May Helps People Transform and Maintain Their Skin

Jessica May loves helping people improve and maintain their skin. After working in the medical field after graduating from Arizona State University, she says she “fell in love with helping people.”

Aesthetics called to her, so she headed back to school, attending Imaj Institute here in the Valley for both advanced aesthetics and laser training. She also participated in an additional program for an international certification through ITEC that provides qualifications in beauty and spa therapy.

Jessica’s love and passion for the industry is evident, and in a mission to help as many people as possible, she opened her own business, Skin Magic—a results-driven aesthetic spa—in Scottsdale in 2016.

“I specialize in skincare, custom facials, chemical peels, microneedling, custom spray tanning, lash lifts, and laser technology,” she says. “Here at Skin Magic, we focus on giving you the tools, resources and education you need to achieve and maintain healthy, glowing skin. We offer a variety of customized treatments to protect your skin from harsh environmental factors, prevent pre-mature signs of aging, and correct any existing skincare concerns.

“My favorite things that I do are the things that give instant gratification,” she continues, “such as dermaplaning, microneedling and chemical peels. Chemical peels are great for hyperpigmentation and scarring, and microneedling for wrinkle reduction and scarring.”

Of course, sometimes the journey to great skin takes longer.

“Be patient,” Jessica says. “Your skin is a living organ. It’s going to change pretty frequently and we don’t always know why, so it’s important to be patient with yourself and your skin.”

Even though Jessica has an extensive background and training, her thirst for knowledge about the industry continues, and she is always on top of new treatments and advances.

“I really love continuing education and learning,” she explains. “Education is a really big part of my platform. And, it’s always amazing to me what people in the beauty industry come up with.”

At Skin Magic (, which is open by appointment only, not only are various treatments offered, but effective, medical grade skincare products are available, as well.

“Image Skincare is by far the best,” Jessica says. “It’s effective and medical grade, but definitely one of the more affordable skincare lines out there. I also use PCA Skin and Skin Script because they’re both local to Arizona.”

“I think that the biggest thing to take away is that skin care isn’t always a luxury. Your skin is your largest organ and you need to take care of it,” she says.