They say hindsight is 20/20… it is always easier to understand something after it has already happened. Let’s take advantage of the year 2020 to see clearly the things we can do better! With the turn of a new year, we can focus on enriching our lives, surrounding ourselves with positivity, thinking healthy thoughts and always striving to help others!

January is typically a time to look ahead to new beginnings and shift our mindset to change for the better with a fresh start. What better time than now!

In this month’s issue of Paradise Valley Lifestyle, we focus on all things around health and wellness. You will hear from supermodel—and our beautiful cover girl—Camerone Parker McCullouch as she shares her story about heart health and navigating life with Multiple Sclerosis. Learn about Skin Magic and its owner, Jessica May. You will also read about how the well-known Village Health Clubs & Spas came to be, and Carol Nalevanko’s involvement. Escape to a relaxing local getaway as we share details of the Villas at Sanctuary. Also, stick to your New Year’s resolutions by trying the delicious recipe shared by KOVO Modern Mediterranean. 

We hope our stories this month inspire you to live your best life and have 20/20 vision on what’s possible this year!

Be grateful, be kind and live well,


Tammy Fellows