Mediterranean Grains Bowl

Healthy dishes abound at KOVO Modern Mediterranean. The restaurant features the flavors and bright spices of the Mediterranean, and its menu was shaped by owner Yianni Ioannou's time operating Greek restaurants, his travels throughout the Mediterranean, as well as his Cypriot heritage.

Never Give Up

Almost every single Monday for the past 11 years, Jimmy Walker—the iconic local businessman, philanthropist, and CEO and founder of Celebrity Fight Night (CFN)—has kept the same appointment, which Jimmy says, “is one of my favorite meetings of the day, maybe of the week.”

CrossFit PHX Workouts Ideal for Men

CrossFit PHX is ideal for men at all levels, from those training in their athletic offseason to those looking to achieve new goals in their training. To begin on a healthier path, founder Mycal Anders says all someone needs to do is show up.

Arizona Adventurer Takes You on Journeys Ideal for Fall Travel

 Havasupai Falls, Supai  Skill level: challenging  Permits must be acquired online:

A Rugby Workout

 Article Kathleen Blair | Photography Provided by Phoenix Rugby Club  Rugby, the oldest sport ever played, is one of the fastest-growing sports worldwide. It is played with a football with 15 players on each team. In 1969, Bob Blakely and his fellow Arizona State University law students formed the first rugby team in Arizona, The Phoenix Rugby Club. The club’s…

Perfect Assets and Abs

Jennifer Menzer
Certified personal trainer and nutrition coach
Owner of WellFit Concierge
5115 N. 40th St., Phoenix, AZ 85018

Live a Life of Vitality Rather Than Survival

September is Pain Awareness Month– a great reminder to resolve those nagging aches and pains or lingering injuries that have interfered with the ability to enjoy an active, pain-free life. The team of highly-seasoned specialists at Barrow Brain and Spine’s Rehabilitation Institute of Scottsdale and NeuroSpine and Rehabilitation Center of Phoenix are helping patients achieve remarkable results. In fact, with…

Fitness for Men

Well, here we are, six months into the year. How’s that fitness plan you started in January holding up? Juggling work and family can monopolize a lot of time, leaving even those with the best intentions without any results. But, there’s hope. Making a determined effort to change a few things each day can add up to noticeable changes.

Optimal Performance

Are you finding that you can no longer do what you use to do? Do you suffer from back pain? Are you recovering from an injury? Every one of us will eventually suffer from aches and pains due to using our muscles incorrectly and compensating by putting strain on other parts of our body. By becoming aware of your muscles…

Bunches of Oats

Love oatmeal? Try these variations made with milk and old-fashioned oatmeal. Together, milk and oats make a breakfast powerhouse by delivering protein and other key nutrients like fiber, potassium, calcium and vitamin D. Try some of these recipes to ensure a nutritious, and delicious, start to your day.