The Sporting Life

Sports have always played an integral role in Denise Seomin’s life.

Christmas Camp (For Adults!)

Three-time Emmy Award-winning storyteller Karen Schaler says that her heart is here in Arizona, and because of that, she’s exclusively trusting The Phoenician with her pride and joy—the Christmas Camp experience. The experience, which takes place in December, brings to life her Christmas Camp Hallmark movie, and the novels Christmas Camp and sequel Christmas Camp Wedding, published by HarperCollins.

The Fairy Godmother of Fashion

Scylvia-Elvira Danese, owner of Danese Creations, is a one-woman powerhouse of all things fashion and sewing. You’ve likely seen her gown designs on local or national TV—they’ve been everywhere from morning news shows to worn by celebs at the Emmy Awards and the Country Music Association Awards. They’ve appeared on Oprah and Inside Edition, too. Whether it’s custom designs, tailoring,…

Bodify Co-Founders, Sisters and Friends

Melissa Mickelson and Jessica Stellwagen are dynamic sisters and co-founders of Bodify, a boutique solely dedicated to CoolScultping. While the sisters have wildly different personalities and styles, they complement each other beautifully and have built a successful business together.

Luxury and Class Combine in the 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS 63

This month I enjoyed the 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS 63. The words that came to mind while driving were luxury, comfort and class. With its classic sophistication, this vehicle not only drives with ease but it is also incredibly comfortable.

Former Olympic Gold Medalist Misty Hyman Inspires Others with a Sustainable Fitness Routine

Former Olympic Gold Medalist and Paradise Valley resident Misty Hyman spent many years training for excellence in swimming. She has parlayed that passion and motivation into a career and way of life for her and her family. She knows that fitness is essential, and fitting it into a busy lifestyle can make it attainable as well.

Meet Paradise Valley Lifestyle Photographer CJ Gershon

Photographing a monthly magazine such as Paradise Valley Lifestyle requires a sharp sense of style, a keen eye for detail and an uncanny ability to capture important aspects of the community. CJ Gershon has done just that, bringing an artistic and sophisticated look he hopes readers enjoy every time they open an issue.

Timeless Designs

 Article Kathleen Blair  Nina McLemore has spent her life in fashion. She and her mother, who was an artist and florist, made her clothes growing up in Mississippi. They would choose fabrics, design and sew the outfits. Even at a young age, Nina wanted clothing that was more stylish and had a higher quality than those available in stores.   Nina graduated from…

Infinite Hearts

A woman’s heart is an incredible gift of nature. With every beat, it pumps out an infinite amount of love, warmth and strength to fuel the various roles she plays in life—as a mother, grandmother, wife, sister, aunt and friend. But what happens when that infinitely giving heart starts to falter, eventually giving in to the grasp of heart disease?…

Love, Laughs and Lollipops

On Sunday afternoons Darlene Shephard packs her bag with lollipops and card games before heading to Florence Crittenton for visiting hours with the girls. They sit around tables in the café; talking, laughing and playing games. It’s a cheerful place canvased with colorful walls and sunlight pouring through its many windows. There’s a drink station against the wall with sugar-…

Healthy Spirits

For most of us celebrating the New Year, it may result in a hangover the next day or multiple yawns. But for approximately 45 million Americans it could lead to debilitating headaches and missed work days that result in 13 billion dollars of lost wages to their employers each year. Most have tried home remedies and prescription medicine to rid…

Hitting a High Note

Phoenix’s Musical Instrument Museum, or the MIM Center, offers visitors what many museums don’t: interaction. Catch a show at their on-site venue, designed so there isn’t a bad seat in the house, or bang on some drums on the first floor before heading up to the second floor for a first-hand look at colorful instruments from around the world. When…

House Call

How did you get your start as a veterinarian? I started working for a corporate veterinary clinic right after graduating from veterinary school. While I can say that corporate medicine wasn’t my cup of tea, I did learn a lot in those first two years working solo.

Claudia Partovi

I grew up in west Los Angeles and used to bike past beautiful homes all the time. Since then, I have always wanted to work with homes in some manner, but chose to go into civil engineering instead. Years later, here in Arizona, and once my children were in high school, I decided to revisit my passion and entered the…