Remember December

December, already?! How is that possible? Weren’t we just hearing about record setting crowds at the Waste Management Phoenix Open? How about attending Spring Training? Or watching the the Summer Olympics (congratulations to some of our residents being medal winners!) How about all those 100+ degree days in a row? Then there were months and months of election hype. And…

Thanks“giving” At It’s Best

One of the most common quotes regarding being generous is, “It’s better to give, than to receive.” We’ve all heard it before and, most likely, we’ve all said it. With Thanksgiving upon us this month and the holiday season around the corner, it seems this is when everyone buys into that a bit more. Do we believe it, though?

Tis The Season…

The summer season is over and that can mean only one thing, it’s Football Season! Whether you’re a parent, player or an armchair quarterback like yours truly, there’s no denying the anticipation and excitement that comes when this time of year rolls around.

Man Up!

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