Cozy Up Your Home

Take a cue from the Scandinavian concept of hygge and welcome the transition of summer to autumn with a relaxing refresh Pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon and a hot cup of cocoa. Fall is all about getting warm and comfy as a chill hits the air—preparing yourself for winter, and cherishing those final moments of summer.  … Continued

Destined to Design

 Erik B. Peterson has always been fascinated with design.  “It was basically all the way back to sixth grade,” he recalls. “I just had some infatuation with design, and I was artistic. I loved watching This Old House, and the programs that they had in school with technical drafting and mechanical engineering were interesting to me.”  In high school, he…

Staying Cool in the Desert

 Article Kathleen Blair  Yes, the scorching weather has arrived, and it’s here to stay for another few months. If you are not fortunate enough to be able to get away to a cooler climate, then you’ll need to find ways to survive the summer’s torrid temperatures. Here are a few fun ways to escape the heat for a couple hours…

Where to Begin

For more than two decades, Lauren Rautbord of Scottsdale’s own Paul Lauren Design Consultants has been helping her clients create the spaces of their dreams. She has learned that making sure homeowners know what to expect along the way is a key component to any successful renovation and offers a few pointers on managing renovation expectations.

Pinnacle Aviation Helps Maximize the Value of Clients’ Jet Experience

Pinnacle Aviation is a full-service aircraft sales, acquisition, charter and management company based at Scottsdale Airport. For nearly 30 years, Pinnacle Aviation has assisted many jet buyers and sellers to maximize the value of their jet experience. After purchasing an aircraft, it is not unusual for a client to request some refurbishment work on the interior and/or the exterior of…

Ultimate Man Cave

Imagine for a moment returning from a long trip. You haven’t worried about your luxury home because you live in a lock-and-leave community. While waiting on the tarmac, you fire up your hot tub with a touch of a button on your phone. On the way to your Ferrari, you decide it’s warmer out than expected. You grab your phone…

Plates of Perfection

When I arrive at Christiane Barbato’s studio she greets me with two cheek kisses and has a big, bright smile that seems to grow even more as she begins to tell the story of how she came to create her now-famous line of signature works.

Modern Marvels

Brightly-hued finishes add a pop of color to rooms that perfectly complement the geometric lines and neutral color palettes associated with modern architecture.

Making Your Herb Garden Grow

Phoenix is usually seen as a barren place. However, horticulturist, landscape consultant and certified arborist, Noelle Johnson, is out to change that. “My passion is to show people how to create beautiful, drought-tolerant gardens using plants that will thrive in our climate,” says Johnson. As the writer behind the blog AZ Plant Lady, ( Johnson shows her readers that, yes,…