Celebrate Your State!

As summer in Arizona is in full swing—with the heat at its highest during the day, coupled with those monsoons at night—many of us spend our days dreaming of California’s sandy beaches or Colorado’s breezy mountains; anywhere but here. So now seems like the perfect time to put a little reminder out there of what makes our state so great,…

Ritz-Carlton Residences Homebuying Event

The largest-ever one-day real estate event in Arizona recently took place for The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Paradise Valley. During the event, all 91 Ritz-Carlton villas were available and all but two are now spoken for.

Tilted Earth Festival

Thirteen renowned Northern Arizona wineries converged at Riverfront Park in Cottonwood over the two-day event as 
festival-goers sampled sumptuous wines and enjoyed music by celebrated artists. Photography by Chris McBeth

Chandler Lifestyle’s Good Times Event

Our sister magazine, Chandler Lifestyle, held a fabulous event at Otaku restaurant, which saw businesses and residents 
alike socialize and network as they enjoyed delectable food and specialty drinks. Photography by Tonia Johnston

Around Town

Larry Fitzgerald might be one of football’s greatest players, but off the field he lands a punchline every now and then. Dominick’s Steakhouse will host the 8th Annual Fitz’s Supper Club, Celebrities at YOUR Service with performances sure to keep you laughing all night long. On Monday, August 29th guests are invited to a night of comedy and charity while…

Pearls of Wonder

For years, pearls have inspired and captivated people from across the globe with their beauty and rarity. One person in particular caught by their charm was Linda Lee Pratico, who decided to turn these treasures into wearable works of art.

Desert Cleanse

Natural soaps filled with scrumptious-smelling oils and fragrances. Luxurious body butters designed to soften skin that has been effected by the desert sun. Lip balms and body scrubs in a variety of appealing scents. These are just some of the many skincare products that Sue Harris creates at Little Mama Products.

Cowboy Up

When Jan Kleinman was at a golf tournament about 11 years ago, she saw something she would never forget: a young woman carrying a purse that appeared to be constructed from a cowboy boot. “I told my golf friends ‘that looks really fun and cute,’ and the next thing I knew, I started making them,” she says.

That’s L’Amore

In today’s competitive restaurant world, the ones that stick around for more than a decade are the exception, not the rule, which makes Phoenix’s L’Amore Restaurant’s 15-year run all the more impressive. Located on 32nd Street and Lincoln, it features an outdoor patio overlooking the mountains, a gleaming wooden bar and an intimate dining room. And if you drop by,…

Flight of Hope

Safety. Hope. Opportunity. These are the core values of Florence Crittenton, an organization dedicated to giving girls who have been through traumatic situations care, education, and most importantly, hope. Young women from all walks of life—including the child welfare system, the juvenile justice system and the behavioral healthcare system—come to Florence Crittenton seeking a place of refuge where they can…

Made with Love

Having, until this last year, spent the entirety of my adult life immersed in the hospitality industry, I have had the opportunity to indulge in some spectacular meals in all sorts of amazing settings. I will be the first to admit that I had been spoiled by being surround by talented chefs who could turn something as mundane as lunchtime…

Inside Scoop

Helen Yung and Jan Wichayanuparp were both international investment bankers when they met in 2001 while in New York for a company training program. It was there that they realized they had a mutual passion, food. Soon, making reservations at different restaurants to try new cuisine became a favorite hobby of theirs.