If You Can Read This, Thank a Teacher

It’s hard to believe we’re flipping the calendar page, or scrolling through another month on our devices, and landing on August. Summer always seems to fly by. We look forward to those more relaxed days and vacations, visiting family and friends or maybe a new destination. We’ve celebrated our country’s independence with parades and fireworks. And, here in The Valley…

ALS Bite Nite

ALS Bite Nite on Saturday, June 3, raised a record $250,000 and more than 750 guests attended! ALS Bite Nite is an opportunity to bring hope to people living with ALS, raise money for a cure and come together for something you care about. 
Photography by Ben Arnold and Brian Flora.

August 2017 Around Town

The sweltering summer heat is upon us, which means it's the perfect time of year to enjoy seasonal shakeups. Using some of the season's best produce, Okra Cookhouse & Cocktails is creating an all-new menu of Southern-inspired, fresh and light favorites to beat the heat all summer long.

Influential Teachers

What makes a teacher great? Typically, the answer is rarely one that is easy to summarize in a word or two. With summer winding to a close and students across the Valley dusting off their backpack and preparing to head back to school, we asked a few of the community’s teachers to see what makes them tick.

Lunchbox SOS

As the new school year begins, coming up with some creative ideas for lunchboxes can be challenging. Here are a few healthy alternatives that will make lunches fun and tasty.

Publisher’s Playlist

Kat McMahon grew up in Syracuse, New York. As a kid, she listened to the radio and strategically recorded mixtapes with her boom box, carefully hitting the stop button so she wouldn’t record the DJ over the song. Her favorites included pop, Motown, disco and southern rock tunes. Rhythms changed with the seasons, and summer brought melodies from John Denver,…

Back-to-School Fashion

School is back in session for kids across the Valley, and, while everyone wants the latest school supplies, they also want to look stylish, too. Here are a few of our favorite fashion picks for kids that are available locally and online.

The Beat Goes On

Nothing beats live music, but finding a place that does it right can sometimes be a challenge. Fear not, however, as the list below shows, whether your vibe is rock, R&B, jazz or even a touch of country, when a night out on the town calls for a bit of live music, the toughest decision might just be deciding where…